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    • Possibly temporarily disabling that requirement wouldn't hurt. Keeping it and deterring players is counterproductive. 
    • Yet another good one falls. @staff We've got to get going on some advertisements. I know updates are imminent and must come first, but were hurting.  
    • Gratz on max, not much to do after max cape at the moment unfortunately :(, hope to see you back on again soon man take care.
    • Good night to every player from the old and new SS, My name is spartacus121 (an old player from SS in 2012). Today I reached max on extreme mode, i'm so proud 😄. I barely found anyone to do a max party with (no offense). I decided to dice my 4-5b bank and lost, the reason why I made that decision is because the server is almost empty. I've been here for a few weeks/day for countless hours (from morning until night literally 12+ hours). Many people left because they didn't felt the warmth and special care of the old SS and there was much complaining about the game itself. I didn't see any owner/admin/real mod EXCEPT for 2jz (thanks for everything man) and sometimes infession. I really tried to stay, but from now on I will never EVER play any other RSPS. I would like to thank eco cleaner, 2jz, hyphys, immortalis, subless, cat vs dog, and everyone else for the amazing journey together here for this limited/short period of time.  Will I leave SS forever? Absolutely not, you can't quit SS, only take a break. I may come back in the future to join you guys and have fun. Right now I need to take a break because I've lost some feelings. Let this not demotivate you, do all you can to keep up our dream to enjoy SS. I sailed the ship to this point, dear reader it's time that you take over the wheel and go reach our destination. God bless you all 🙂.   Kind regards,   - Spartacus121 -   
    • Oh i thought i posted this elsewhere, looks like it went to general discussion lol.
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