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  2. JoelM

    Staff Updates 9/11/18

    Thank you! 👊
  3. Yesterday
  4. Travis Scott

    Scammed by Swallow

    Hope in the future they can avoid this kind of situations! And use Duel Arena to trade any stuff with yours alts, 100% safe no scam. 🙂
  5. Travis Scott

    Spartacus121 "vouch thread"

    A Great human being. Good luck 🙂
  6. Travis Scott

    Cat vs dog vouch thread

    A cool cat and a nice dog, seems legit. 😎
  7. Travis Scott

    Staff Updates 9/11/18

    Welcome back! 😎
  8. JoelM

    Staff Updates 9/11/18

    Will be active again, been busy irl lately
  9. zonk

    Cat vs dog vouch thread

    Cool dude haven't had many dealings with but clean record as far as I know. 🙂
  10. zonk

    Spartacus121 "vouch thread"

    Vouch. Nice guy, trust worthy.
  11. Spartacus121

    Spartacus121 "vouch thread"

    Good morning everyone, I applied for staff position, it would be very appreciated if you could vouch for me . Kind regards, Spartacus121
  12. Spartacus121

    Zonk vouch thread

    He is a trustworthy player, I can vouch with all my heart.
  13. cat vs dog

    Subless vouch thread

    Vouching, trusty active and chatty person 🙂
  14. cat vs dog

    Join 169!

    Am more of a solo player, but gl with this
  15. kamon265

    Join 169!

    Hello and welcome! We would like you to join the 169 clan. We were big back in the old soul split and hope to get back that way! My name is Kamon265 (or Goodness on discord) and I am the leader of it along with Baba Yaga. Currently with this post we are at 4 members and all are welcome. We are currently trying to get our gear up so we are ready to go bossing once we get there we take care of our 169 family members if we have a drop already we will give it to the person that doesn't have it. Come and join! Here is the discord link to the 169 server! When you join pm me on there (name is Goodness) and i will give you the role to join the Soul split section of the server! https://discord.gg/9P4Ubux
  16. Last week
  17. 2good4ufoo

    old soulsplit clan video

    Arrows of hell vs bloody kids btw I'm smell my nub at 1:40 ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgOqzzMP0Nc
  18. subless

    Subless vouch thread

    hello everyone for whoever that doesn't know me yet i'm subless very active player if you have expierience with me ingame and you trust me vouch for me ^^
  19. subless

    Staff Application Format.

    In-game Name : sublessForums Name: sublessTimezone : gmt +1 (belgium)Age : 26Staff Experience :sadly none on private servers (i do with other cummity discord channels wich hosted events on other games) Position Desired : game mod (not so active on forums more the kind of guy who wants to help people and keep the game clean)Have you ever been banned from SoulSplit? : (Y/N) NoHave you ever been jailed on SoulSplit? : (Y/N) NoHave you ever been permanently or IP-Muted on SoulSplit? : (Y/N) NoWhat 5 qualities do you feel you possess that will make you an exemplary staff member? patient dedicated trusted honest helpfull In 3 short paragraphs, why do you feel you are right for the position of "desired role" ?: i'm a very active player i'm online everday atleast 3-4 hours i help people where and when i can been playing soulsplit from the time it was first launched have some nice memorys and i'd like to keepthe server going by helping where i can with what i can so the next people who come can have the same good memory'sas me ( i hope) Why should we pick YOU as a member of the "desired role" team?: as i mentioned before i'm very active weekdays 3-4 hours atleast weekends mostlily whole day ( i know nolife) and there arent many mods online during my timezone i barely see any so could be good addition 🙂 What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: i hope to bring a helpfull hand to the community and help the players in need where and with what i can How do you feel about respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement as a staff member? rules are made to follow for everyone respect is someting wich everyone should get be it regular player or moderator and for enforcing the law even if i would see my brother or someone else do something wich should not be allowed the same rulles apply for everyone
  20. subless

    Scammed by Swallow

    damn man
  21. subless

    Content giveaway.

    can i make a 4-5 minute video of me showing my pets?
  22. subless

    2018 Halloween Event

    thanks still have to get the set xd
  23. subless

    Star Guide

    very helpfull tyvm
  24. subless

    Evil Tree Guide

    tyvm 99 wc here icome 😛
  25. subless

    Start/easy money making guide

    rock crabs dont drop caskets anymore so scrap that off the list
  26. subless

    Possibly biggest dd so far ~40b pot

    share the spoils 😛
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