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  1. 1v1vapegod

    Official Release

    nice! hope pking comes back to soulsplit
  2. 1v1vapegod

    Price Checker

    prices for 3rd age?
  3. Looking to sell these items 200m per 3rd Age piece (coif, legs) 300m for Armadyl Battlestaff
  4. 1v1vapegod

    Decrease of community!?

    I think we are forgetting the underlying reasons for the existence of RSPS's and the demographic an RSPS targets. These are players who generally want instant gratification as opposed to the players of real runescape who are more accepting of the grind. In soulsplit, on sir mode you can be maxed in a matter of a couple hours and then what is there? Pk content is non-existant and pvm is trash due to wonky mechanics and bugs. Also the fact that its much easier to go on the store and buy BIS gear than actually work for it devalues any sense of achievement for getting rare drops; everyone will just assume you paid IRL money anyway.