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  1. Loosy

    Suggestion Compilation List

    Are you insane i hit 99 dung on ext without finding a single weapon that required past 60 attack lol, max hit is useful so we know if shit is actually working properly, ie: void compared to bandos or SW armor etc.
  2. Loosy

    Suggestion Compilation List

    Note: I will try to add suggestions to this post dated as often as they come up 11/10/18 ⦁ Player deaths noted even when out of wilderness and vs Npc's (not sure if intentional) ⦁ Slayer tasks in a row not displayed in [extras] tab, would be a nice addition ⦁ Pest Queen boss does not attack players upon teleporting to lair (not sure if intentional) ⦁ Prayer renewal potion heavily broken when entering wilderness barely restores prayer (not sure if intentional) ⦁ Prayer renewal has a note 30 seconds before running out but no note when expiring (would be a nice addition) ⦁ Warning 30 second text for prayer renewal potions text color changed to orange or red/add to all timed potions ⦁ Phoenix feather unobtainable, required for super antifire potions (plucked from phoenix bird), would help slayer a ton ⦁ Ability to test max hit with current gear (maybe dummie like in osrs) ⦁ Add time chat box text to DFS cool down time effect when trying to re-attempt effect ⦁ Lava strykewyrms burrow MUCH too often sometimes back to back up to 5 times (worst task in game by far), cut down burrow amount Own familiar click area very frustrating always getting in the way of everything (should be right clickable only) ⦁ Dungeoneering drops are absolutely broken, it is impossible to get a good drop, and most boss drops are an absolute joke (needs heavy reworking) ⦁ Killing monsters spams dung inventory with unecessary items (tons of runes & low level items etc.) A toggle option for certain things like range/mage items would be nice
  3. Loosy

    Official Release

    hyped for tomorrows adv!
  4. Loosy

    Official Release

    Excuse my French but this post made me godamn moist, looking forward to the good shit!
  5. Loosy

    Patch Notes | 10/27/2018

    Excited!! Can't wait to resize!
  6. Loosy

    What's up

    same broski, hop on ask whatever
  7. Loosy


    Glad to see a few people straggling in before the eventual adv
  8. Loosy


    Tru Cya around post beta dude!
  9. Loosy

    Kiln Safe-spotting Guide

    Thanked you in game like weeks ago, but this guide did it for me so extra thanks!
  10. Loosy

    Evil Tree Guide

    not sure whats going on but the last 3 asgarnias i went to the root wasnt there, game bug maybe?
  11. Loosy

    QoL Suggestions 2.0

    Yes I'd dig mods n shit hosting events
  12. Loosy

    Who's getting CoD?

    This Friday boysssss multi beta and blackout beta were so dope n the wife plays bo3 zombies like every day still, I'll be on PS4 tho :s, hype!
  13. Loosy

    Bandos Pet :)

    I saw one a few weeks ago but I'm very impressed nontheless, do all bosses have pets or what
  14. Loosy

    Moving Forward

    This needs to be like a post on its own I agree so much.